Photo Competition – Vote!


With so many gorgeous photos to choose from, it definitely wasn’t an easy task to select the 5 finalists to go up for the vote. Thanks to everyone for your entries! The winner of this vote-off will receive their very own Katie Robinson Custom Alternative Portrait valued at $150, so if you are a finalist, remember to ask all your friends to help you win this awesome prize!

Voting will commence from 1st January 2010 through to midnight 10th of January 2010, winner announced Monday 11th January 2010.

So here are the photos that have been selected as the finalists, please scroll to the bottom of this page to place your vote. You can vote for your favourite by entering the name of the photo in the comments section (please note: your e-mail will not be displayed, and will not be added to our database). Only one vote per person, and you do not need to be a registered member of Kidsgear to vote. Good Luck!

Please note, to see a larger version of the photo just click on the thumbnail (small image).

Photo A: Eli and Jacob

Photo B: Elijah

Photo C: Jake

Photo D: Madison and Keira

Photo E: Kylah

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01/01/2010 |

432 thoughts on “Photo Competition – Vote!

  1. Kidsgear says:

    Sorry about that, I have taken the poll down since it’s not working properly and will receive votes via this comment section. Please indicate which photo you vote for here. Thanks :)

  2. Rebecca says:

    My vote’s for Kylah :)

  3. Yvette says:

    Eli and Jacob :)

  4. Sean says:

    Hi, Your website isn’t letting me vote (I signed up!) My vote is for Eli and Jacob :)

  5. Emiloly says:

    Hi, I am just registering my vote in the comment box as I previously voted using the other method. My vote is for Eli and Jacob. Cheers, and Happy New Year!

  6. Jess says:

    Kylah :)

  7. Mike Thorn says:

    Photo E – Kylah

  8. Candice says:

    I am registering my vote too as i tried to vote the old way :)


  9. Charles says:


  10. Jessie Matthews says:

    Eli and Jacob

  11. Christina says:


  12. Trish says:

    My grandbaby! Kylah

  13. Anna Tweedy says:


  14. Rebecca says:

    I vote for Kylah

  15. Justine says:

    hi, i vote for Taine, he is gorgeous

  16. Jay says:

    this vote for Eli and Jacob

  17. Raewyn says:

    I place my vote for Photo A, Eli and Jacob, gorgeous bubbas

  18. Daffyduck says:

    I place my vote for Kyla, awesome eyes :)

  19. amanda says:

    photo e kylah

  20. Renae says:

    I vote for Photo E Kylah

  21. Kelly says:

    My vote is for B Elijah :)

  22. Angela says:

    I vote for Kylah

  23. Michael says:

    My Boys Eli & Jacob

  24. Jo says:

    I vote for Kylah

  25. Emma says:

    I vote for kylah.

  26. Sally says:

    I vote for Eli and Jacob

  27. Jay says:

    i vote kylah :)

  28. Michelle says:

    my vote is for Taine

  29. Linda says:

    We vote Eli and Jacob

  30. Lace says:

    My vote is Photo B: Elijah!!

  31. Bridget Gibson says:

    Photo A: Eli and Jacob

  32. Erin says:

    Madison and Keira!

  33. Helen says:

    I vote for Elijah

  34. Christy says:

    I vote Madison and Keira!!!!!!!

  35. Deb says:

    I vote Madison & Keira … Photo D,

  36. Tamsin says:

    Madison and Keira!

  37. Daniel says:

    Madison & Keira

  38. N & D says:

    We vote Madison and Keira

  39. Oliver says:

    Madison & Keira

  40. Hayley says:

    Madison & Keira please:)

  41. Charmaine says:

    My vote is for B – my Gransdson, Elijah :)

  42. Mel says:

    My vote is for B – Elijah!

  43. Sarah says:


  44. Jasmine Speight says:

    Madison and Keira!

  45. Sam says:

    Voting for Madison and Keira

  46. Marga says:

    Photo E Kylah

  47. Laurie says:

    Photo A – Jacob and Eli.

  48. Lara says:

    Eli and Jacob!

  49. Laura says:

    Vote for Kylah! :)

  50. Sarah says:

    Jacob & Eli

  51. Manda says:

    They are all beautiful but my vote is for Kyla

  52. Shanon says:


  53. Belinda says:

    Aww Kylah is gorgeous! My vote is for her :-)

  54. casey says:

    I place my vote for Photo A, Eli and Jacob

  55. Jo says:

    My votes for Kylah!!

  56. Lynda says:

    Eli and Jacob are just so gorgeous! I vote for them.

  57. Andrea says:

    Photo D: Madison and Keira

  58. Ivana says:

    I vote for Kylah

  59. Dawn says:

    Photo D: Madison and Keira pkease

  60. Alysha says:


  61. Jeana says:

    Photo A…Eli and Jacob

  62. Kat says:

    Madison and Keira!

  63. amanda says:

    madison and keira

  64. Tania says:

    Eli & Jacob

  65. Jade says:


  66. Christine Charleston says:

    Eli & Jacob

  67. Matt says:

    Voting for Jacob and Eli

  68. Janine Gunn says:

    Photo D: Madison and Keira please! :)

  69. Mel says:

    I vote for Kylah

  70. Renee says:


  71. Alaana says:


  72. Dove says:

    I’d like to vote for Elijah :) Cutie

  73. Mel says:

    My votes for Kylah

  74. Tyler says:

    Kylah :)

  75. Zaylah says:

    Kylah! What a cutie!

  76. chantel says:


  77. Chops says:

    I vote for Kylah!!

  78. elijah says:

    my vote is for elijah, B.

  79. ali says:

    photo B: Elijah

  80. Courtney says:


  81. Shannon says:


  82. Kristy says:

    Photo A: Eli and Jacob!!

  83. Kidsgear says:

    Current Vote Summary.. (Duplicate IP’s will be checked at the very end of the voting period.. so if you’re placing multiple votes, please don’t do any more as these will be picked up :))

    Eli and Jacob 20
    Elijah 9
    Taine 2
    Madison and Keira 15
    Kylah 35

  84. Haydin says:

    Madison and Keira

  85. Johanna Whyle says:

    I VOTE Madison and Keira

  86. Nicki says:

    I vote for Elijah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. c0urtney says:

    my vote is for kylah

  88. drisana says:

    i vote for kylah

  89. Nathan says:

    Vote for Jacob and Eli

  90. Patricia says:

    Madison and Keira

  91. Amber says:

    I vote for Miss Kylah!!

  92. Aimee says:

    I vote Kylah, just beautiful.

  93. raspberryjam says:

    a big vote for Eli and Jacob

  94. Milla says:

    Vote for Eli and jacob

  95. Dom says:

    Eli and Jacob!

  96. Claire says:

    Eli and Jacob!

  97. Peggy says:

    Kylah :)

  98. Nick says:

    I vote for Kylah

  99. Rebecca Hodges says:

    Madison and Keira please. their mummy takes some awsome photos of them

  100. Stacey says:

    Madison and Keira

  101. Dal says:

    Please put my vote in for wee Kylah! I know Madison and Keira too and would love to vote for them, but Kylah’s mummy asked first so vote is for Kylah x

  102. Jaz says:

    i vote for kylah!

  103. Marisa says:


  104. Jessica says:

    Madison and Kiera

  105. Troianne says:


  106. Rhys says:


  107. Shari says:

    Madison and Keira

  108. Pauline says:

    Kylah :)

  109. Marrissa says:

    My niece Kylah!

  110. Big T says:

    Kylah – soo cute!

  111. Kellie says:

    Voted eli and Jacob

  112. Sandra says:

    Photo B Elijah

  113. Esme Schlotjes says:

    Vote: Madison & Keira – What cute kids :-)

  114. Rene Schlotjes says:

    Madison & Keira :-)

  115. Gabriel Schlotjes says:

    Madison & Keira

  116. Katie Schlotjes says:

    Madison :-) & Keira :-)

  117. Jenny & Josh says:

    we vote Madison & keira. :)

  118. lorena says:

    i vote for Kylah :photo E :) she is super cute!

  119. Alysia Flavall says:

    Maddison and Keira! :)

  120. Kieran says:


  121. Shorty says:


  122. Claire says:


  123. Trish says:

    Madison and Keira!

  124. Paulie says:


  125. Blair and Denise says:

    Madison and Keira, they are lovely kids!

  126. Krystle says:


  127. Anna says:

    Photo A: Eli and Jacob!!

  128. casey says:

    kylah shes gurgess!!

  129. sam says:


  130. B elie jahh says:

    b elie jahh he smart n beautiful boy

  131. renee says:

    Madison and Keira

  132. Kidsgear says:

    My Apologies, photo C was previously listed as “Taine”, but it is in fact his brother Jake! I have now updated this, and of course any previous votes for Taine will still count as Jake. Sorry!

  133. Nicky says:

    I vote for Kylah :)

  134. Dan says:

    A) Eli and Jacob – those little guys look ready to rumble!

  135. Lisa Swindells says:

    Vote for Eli and Jacob.

  136. Denise Frayle says:

    Vote for Eli and Jacob

  137. Mel says:


  138. Jen says:

    Madison and Keira

  139. Tara says:

    Madison and Keira! They are very sweet girls and are going to grow into lovely young ladies! Tara K.

  140. Margaret says:

    Voting Eli & Jacob

  141. Ben says:

    Photo D: Madison and Keira

  142. Rachael says:

    Tricky, too many OB babies! But I guess I have to vote for Eli & Jacob :-)
    (Sorry Christy! Sorry Kandice!)

  143. Rachael says:

    Oops my apologies to Liz too of course :-)

  144. Kirsten says:

    They’re all adorable!

    Eli & Jacob get my vote.

  145. Miriam says:

    Madison and Keira

  146. Neil says:

    Madison and Keira

  147. Sophia says:

    Madison and Keira

  148. Marion says:

    Madison and Keira

  149. Julie says:

    Madison and Keira

  150. Anna says:

    My vote’s for the twins, Eli and Jacob ♥

  151. Amber says:

    Madison and Keira

  152. Julia says:

    I would like to vote for Miss Madi and Miss Keira please :)

  153. Andrea says:

    Eli & Jacob 😀

  154. Robin says:

    Eli & Jacob

  155. Charly says:

    Madison and Keira, please 😀

  156. Liz says:

    jake thanks.

  157. Daphne says:

    Maddi & Keira :)

    ps: Sorry other OB mummies!

  158. Duncan Whiterod says:

    My vote is for Jake, a deelightful looking child and I am sure he is an absolute sweetheart!

  159. ana says:


  160. Sam says:

    Eli & Jacob get my vote! 😉

  161. Tim says:

    Photo D: Madison and Keira is my vote!!

  162. annie says:

    Jake please! (sorry other OB mums, Liz is my “sister” lol)

  163. Adam Maynard says:

    I’ll vote for Jake

  164. Ange says:

    Madison and Keira :)

  165. Rachel says:

    Madison and Keira

  166. Ronit says:

    I vote for Eli and Jacob

  167. Linda says:

    I want to vote for Jake! What a handsome little dude.

  168. Lisa says:

    I vote for Eli and Jacob

  169. Wayne Hunter says:

    Jake’s the man!

  170. pamela says:

    I vote for Eli and Jacob – sooooo cute!!!!

  171. Sue says:

    My vote is for Eli and Jacob

  172. Michelle Jacobs says:

    I vote for Eli and Jacob

  173. Mark says:

    my vote Keira and Maddi

  174. Renee says:

    I vote for Madison and Keira

  175. Jyamani says:

    Photo B : Elijah

  176. Jay says:

    I vote E Kylah :)

  177. SARICA ASHDOWN says:


  178. ROBERT MARAMA says:


  179. KYLA MARAMA says:


  180. Donna says:

    I vote for Madison and Keira

  181. Joan says:

    I vote for Eli and Jacob. Just look at those big, beautiful eyes! Gorgeous!

  182. Sarah says:

    My vote’s for Madison and Keira :)

  183. Ian says:

    I vote for Eli and Jacob.

  184. Yael Gezentsvey says:

    I vote Eli and Jacob!

  185. Stephanie Phillips says:

    My vote is for Madison and Keira!!!

  186. l sale says:

    maddison and kiera… very cute.. thats our vote

  187. Pearl says:

    maddison and kiera

  188. Michelle Bayly says:

    I vote Madison and Keira!!!!!!! Yup definetly :)

  189. Black says:

    Eli and Jacov of course!

  190. Katrina says:

    I definately vote for Kylah

  191. Kate douglas says:

    I vote D- “madison and Keira” Beautiful girls.

  192. Glenda says:

    I vote for my gorgeous great nieces Madison and Kiera.xxxxx

  193. bethany says:

    Photo D: Madison and Keira

  194. Nick says:

    Go Madison and Keira!!! Good luck :)

  195. LindaK says:

    Eli & Jacob <3

  196. Jillian says:

    The Christmas Girls – Madison and Keira… Go Christy.

  197. Verity Hansen says:

    I vote Madison and Kiera !! So Gorgeous. :)

  198. Bex says:

    My vote is for Jacob and Eli :)

  199. Anna Chapman says:

    Jacob and Eli!!

  200. Shaun says:


  201. stef says:

    Eli and Jacob

  202. Chips says:

    Madison and Keira get my vote.

  203. Fleur says:

    My vote is for Eli and Jacob – thanks

  204. Kristy says:

    voting for madison and keira

  205. Lesley says:

    Madison and Kiera!!!

  206. Darlene says:


  207. Susie says:

    Eli and Jacob

  208. kylie says:

    Madison and Keira!

  209. Aethalia says:

    Im voting for Photo A: Eli and Jacob

  210. Julian says:

    Madison and Keira!

  211. Polly says:

    I vote for Eli and Jacob

  212. Estelle Paull says:

    Eli and Jacob

  213. Rebecca Jansen says:

    Eli and Jacob. Cute!

  214. Joanne says:

    Eli and Jacob!

  215. Tanya says:

    Eli & Jacob

  216. Michelle says:

    Eli and Jacob definitely! So cute!

  217. Sean says:

    Eli and Jacob

  218. Michael says:

    Eli and Jacob!!!

  219. Anna says:

    Eli and Jacob!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  220. Jessica Maskell says:


  221. Rochelle says:


  222. Tisha says:


  223. Katie Allen says:

    It has to be photo A – Eli and Jacob

  224. Claire says:

    Kylah please

  225. Kidsgear says:

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to say that wow the votes are soooo close that the top 3 voted so far only have a difference of 1 or 2 votes.! However, this is still including the duplicate IP addresses (which there are many of), so once the voting period is finished and these have been sorted it may show more of a difference. I know you are keen to win this awesome prize, so I want to make this as fair as possible. Good luck!

  226. Chris says:


  227. Jim The Muss says:

    I Vote for Kylah. Chur.

  228. Elle says:

    Madison and Keira!

    (I share an IP with someone who already voted, but am not a sockpuppet!)

  229. Jessica Wright says:


  230. Rachel says:

    I would like to vote for Kylah please!

  231. deanna rendall says:

    B – What a QT that Elijah is!!!!!!!!! Yummy smile!!!!

  232. Katie says:

    Eli & Jacob! please from another twin mummy they are just 2 cute! & i love their names! :) good luck!!!

  233. Greg Milne says:

    i vote for Kylah please

  234. Olivia says:

    I vote for Kyla :)

  235. Paula says:

    I vote for Kylah.


  236. Jen says:

    Pic E – Kylah

  237. Tamsyn says:

    Keira & Maddi!!! Go girls!!!!

  238. Simon says:

    +1 for Kylah.

    Regarding IP addresses, since there are people from companies voting who will all have the same IP address from work, how will that work out for de-duplicating?

  239. Kidsgear says:

    Hi Simon, I do see some additional information as well as the IP and e-mail address supplied, and for now I am not too concerned that anyone has a particularly unfair advantage regarding duplicate IP’s. I can see that most of the finalists votes contain at least some of them anyway. I will wait until all votes are in and work from there. At the end I will explain what I have done. As I said, I would like it to be as fair as possible – and that means also not excluding valid votes either. Thanks :)

  240. Linley says:

    Eli and Jacob – Good Luck!

  241. Pori says:

    Vote fr Keira and Madi!!! :)

  242. Cynthnia says:

    Keira and Madison

  243. Hine says:

    Keira and Madison

  244. Aidan says:

    I vote Madison and Keira. They look most trustworthy. I wouldnt give my wallet to any of the others.

  245. rach says:


  246. Adam says:

    Maddie and Kiera definitely.=)

  247. Ave says:

    Photo D, Madison & Keira, gorgeous!

  248. Les Milligan says:

    Eli and Jacob

  249. Anita says:

    i vote for Madison and Keira

  250. i vote for kylah

  251. Ron E Elle says:

    Photo A

  252. HM says:

    Eli and Jacob!

  253. adam says:

    i vote for kylah

  254. Dana Johansen says:


  255. Charlotte says:

    Voting for Kylah, what a beautiful angel :)

  256. Heather says:

    Eli and Jacob =)

  257. Russell says:

    Madison and Kiera a couple of cuties

  258. Kayla says:

    Photo B: Elijah :)

  259. My vote is 4 Kylah!!!!

  260. nog says:

    Photo E: Kylah

  261. Liz says:

    Photo D: Madison and Keira x

  262. Scott says:

    Another vote for Madison and Keira!

  263. George & Lesley says:

    We vote for Kylah.

  264. Fozzie says:

    My vote is 4 Kylah!!!! :) cutie pie

  265. Tracy says:

    this vote is for Kylah :-)

  266. Nicola says:

    My vote goes to: Kylah

  267. Kristin says:

    I vote for Kylah!

  268. Dov says:

    Eli and Jacob

  269. Dan Blake says:

    I vote for Eli and Jacob!

  270. Peter Fergusson says:

    I vote for Eli and Jacob

  271. Rebecca says:

    My vote is for Madison and Kierra!

  272. Alistair says:

    Eli & Jacob

  273. Beckie says:

    Eli and Jacob :)

  274. Julie Hallinan says:

    I vote for madison and keira

  275. Gerrie says:

    Eli and Jacob

  276. Heather Carter says:

    madison and keira :)

  277. kim baird says:

    Eli and Jacob!

  278. Ben J says:

    Eli & Jacob

  279. daniel says:


  280. Oliver S says:

    Eli and Jacob :)

  281. Kate says:


  282. Sasha says:

    I vote Maddison and Keira! Cuties!

  283. Paul Scorgie says:

    Photo A: Eli and Jacob :)

  284. Colleen says:

    Kylah please

  285. Micaela says:

    Eli and Jacob :)

  286. Monique says:

    Maddi & Keira!!! Go Christy!!!

  287. Kris Gong says:

    Vote for Eli and Jacob Please… :) sooooo cute

  288. Karla says:


  289. Katie says:

    my vote is for Maddison and Keira, my beautiful nieces, of course im biased lol

  290. Bex says:

    Maddi & Keira!!!

  291. mareshah says:

    vote 4 eli and jacob :-)

  292. Jesse says:

    Photo D: Madison and Keira

  293. Esther says:

    Vote for Eli and Jacob. The gorgeous twins.

  294. Nicola says:

    Photo D: I vote for Madison and Keira

  295. Natasha says:

    Madison and Keira

  296. Kate says:

    Eli & Jacob :)

  297. sara says:

    Madison and Keira

  298. Jocasta says:

    Madison and Keira – gorgeous girls!

  299. nicki says:

    Eli and Jacob

  300. Jonathan says:

    Eli & Jacob – very cute!

  301. Liz says:

    Madison & Keira – gorgeous girls!

  302. georgia says:

    Eli & Jacob!!

  303. Jess says:

    Eli & Jacob

  304. Nadine says:

    Madison & Keira

  305. Ash says:

    My votes for Madison and Keira!

  306. Tiffany says:

    I vote for Kylah

  307. Tim says:

    I vote for Kylah

  308. Timothy says:

    I vote for Kylah

  309. Lisa says:

    I vote for Kylah

  310. Mark says:

    I vote for Kylah

  311. Jennifer says:

    I vote for Kylah

  312. Gary says:

    Eli and Jacob :-)

  313. Rebecca says:

    Photo A Eli and Jacob

  314. Robert says:

    Photo A: Eli and Jacob

  315. Ashley says:

    Photo D: Madison and Keira

  316. Hannah says:

    Madison and Keira

  317. Will says:

    Madison and Keira

  318. Antonia says:

    Photo D: Madison and Keira

  319. Sarah says:

    Photo D, Madison and Keira

  320. Matthew says:

    Madison and Keira

  321. Chickoin says:

    Eli and Jacob :)

  322. deborah says:


  323. Sam says:

    Madison and Keira!

  324. Scott says:

    Photo A: Eli and Jacob

  325. James says:

    Madison and Keira!!!

  326. Lily says:

    Madison and Keira :)

  327. Helene says:

    Photo D: Madison and Keira!

  328. Richard says:


  329. Malina says:

    Vote for photo B Elijah.

  330. Clayton says:

    I dont know you kylah, But i know your old man so you have my vote . Good Luck

  331. Marlena says:


  332. sarah clews says:

    eli and jacob, all the way 😀

  333. Becca says:


  334. Margaret says:


  335. Chrissy says:


  336. anna drury says:

    madison and keira definately!

  337. Sacha says:

    Kylah – she is gorgeous

  338. Samantha says:

    Madison and Keira (photo D)

  339. Gina says:

    Madison and Keira! (D)

  340. Marge Trevorrow says:

    I vote for Eli and Jacob

  341. Laurie says:

    Photo D: Madison and Keira

  342. Paul M says:

    I vote for Photo E – Kylah

  343. Mark says:

    I vote Madison and Keira

  344. sarah says:

    Photo D: Madi and Keira

  345. Mishal says:

    Madison and Keira

  346. wendy andrew says:

    E all the way

  347. mike says:

    E kylah

  348. Bethany says:

    I vote for Photo D: Madison and Keira

  349. Andrew says:

    My vote is for Kylah

  350. Sina says:

    I vote for Kylah

  351. Zac says:

    Kylah Please

  352. Luke says:

    Photo E

  353. Karolina says:


  354. laura says:

    my votes for Kylah, :-)

  355. dion says:

    Im voting for Kylah

  356. James J says:


  357. darryl says:

    madison and keira 😀

  358. Sarajane says:

    i vote keira aand madison!

  359. Emma says:

    My votes for Photo D- Madison and Keira :)

  360. Photo D: Madison and Keira

  361. Lyndon says:

    Keira and Madison. They’re so CUUUUTTTTEEEEE, like little buttons.

  362. Sandie says:

    I wold like to vote for Kylah Photo E

  363. Kat says:

    eli and jacob!!!

  364. Kidsgear says:

    Hi All, I have put the question out there whether or not I should “hide” all comments from now until the end of the competition. From feedback I have received, this could actually make it more fun in terms of it being a surprise who actually wins, and also save it being like a TM auction where someone beats you to the punch just before an auction closes! Probably works out well since the votes are all so close, so it’s still anyones game!

    So from this point on.. You CAN still vote, however the comment will be held in a moderation queue so you won’t see it until I have released the comment (which I will do until the conclusion of the voting period). Voting ends midnight tomorrow! Good luck to all the finalists!!

  365. Missy says:

    Photo A: Eli and Jacob

  366. grant says:

    photo A
    Eli and Jacob

  367. tilly says:

    eli and jacob! look at those eyes! twice!!!!

  368. Sandra says:

    Kylah definite

  369. Sean says:

    Eli & Jacob

  370. Anna says:

    Madison and Keira

  371. Kim says:

    They’re all so cute it’s hard to choose! If I have to pick one it’ll be Eli & Jacob :)

  372. charla says:

    photo a of course!

  373. Kyra says:

    Eli and Jacob!

  374. tinytawnykitten says:

    Eli and Jacob thanks!

  375. Rochelle says:

    Keira & Maddy

  376. Adam says:

    Madison & Keira

  377. Kate says:

    maddy and Kiera- they Rock!

  378. Hayden says:

    Vote is for D- Maddy and Kiera

  379. Ali says:

    Eli and Jacob.

  380. Dallas says:

    I would like to vote for Kylah :)

  381. Amy says:

    Eli & jacob

  382. Sharrece says:

    Photo D: Madison and Keira

  383. Kel says:

    I vote Kylah

  384. Neel & Sheron says:

    my vote for Madison and Keira

  385. Essa says:

    Photo D: Madison and Keira

  386. Sam says:

    Madison and Keira!!! For sure.

  387. Donna says:

    Eli and Jacob.

  388. Patrick says:

    Eli and Jacob!

  389. John says:

    Madison and Keira

  390. Rianna says:

    Eli and Jacob!

  391. miss.del says:

    i pick…..

    Photo D: Madison and Keira

    thank you xx

  392. Jennifer says:

    Eli and Jacob

  393. Jessie Stewart says:

    Photo D Keira and Madison :)

  394. Will Hawkes says:

    Photo E: Kylah

  395. anna says:


  396. jane says:


  397. shirley says:

    kylah xxx

  398. jared says:

    i vote madison and keira

  399. Lisa says:

    I vote for A Eli & Jacob :)

  400. nikki says:

    Eli and Jacob

  401. NZCupcake says:

    Voting for Eli and Jacob :o)

  402. Aimsinator says:

    Best facials ever Madison and best face paint model ever Kiera

  403. Payne says:


  404. Laura Tetenburg says:

    Eli and Jacob.

  405. R Simkin says:

    I vote for Kylah.

  406. Cameron Wood says:

    Madison and Keira

  407. Monz says:

    Maddi & Keira

  408. Katrina Bullen says:

    Madison and Keira

  409. Gaylene says:

    I would like to vote for Keira and Madison…very cute :-)

  410. Charlotte says:

    Madison and Keira:)

  411. Chris says:

    I would like to vote for Photo D: Madison and Keira

  412. Matt Cobham says:

    Madison and Kiera, Photo D

  413. Hash says:

    Madison and Keira!!

  414. Julie says:

    I vote for Maddison and Keira

  415. Carrole says:

    Madison and Keira

  416. Rho says:

    Madison and Keira – Gorgeous Kids! From their Great Grandmother.

  417. Esther says:

    I vote for Madison and Keira

  418. Pete and Rose says:

    Madison and Keira!!!

  419. Margaret says:

    Voting for Eli & Jacob from their Grandmummy who’s visiting them all the way from the U.K.

  420. David says:

    Vote for Eli & Jacob from their Granddaddy who’s also visiting them all the way from the U.K. Good luck Vetty & Spike.

  421. Ant says:

    Madison and Keira Please!

  422. Chuck says:

    Madison and Keira

  423. Michaela Keenan says:

    madison and keira

  424. Aimee says:

    Madison & Keira

  425. Tony says:

    Madison and Keira

  426. Charlotte says:

    Keira and Madison

  427. Sarah says:

    Photo D: Madison and Keira

  428. Allan Kershaw says:

    photo D thanks, it rocks!

  429. Frances says:

    Photo D: Madison and Keira

  430. Gia says:

    I would like to vote for the beautiful girls Madison and Keira! xx

  431. Lisa says:

    Photo D: Madison and Keira

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