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If this is the first time you have visited Kidsgear, you may find this article useful in terms of finding your way around and seeing how everything works. Please click the article heading to read on…

If you were already a member of the previous version of the Kidsgear site, well this one is totally different – even the forums are new so we’re starting from scratch. I will still keep the Old Kidsgear Website up and running for a few more week in case anyone wants to copy and paste details from previous listings. Unfortunately I can’t transfer your login details or listings here so you will need to re-register and re-enter if you wish to list your items again. Sorry for the inconvenience..I hope you’ll think it worth it though!

The website itself no longer requires registration just to look around, which in hindsight, probably deterred some people from wanting to join up before. I hope this open-door policy will attract more people and encourage them to get in on selling their kids’ gear too.

So..what’s new you may ask? Well, aside from the overall revamp, you will find listing and looking at items so much easier! There is now a proper classifieds layout with thumbnails photos of the items being listed. Also, you can upload your photos directly into your listing now instead of having to upload to an external photo account (YAY!).

There are plenty of pages containing all the information about the site and details you need to buy and sell kids’ gear right away! You will find these page links at the top, bottom, or right-hand side of whatever part of the website you are in.

As always, I am open to suggestions and feedback, which you can easily give by using the contact form or in some cases with article entries, you can post a comment directly below the article.

So please take a look around, and give it a try! :)

Below are a couple of links to explain the main parts of this website:

Kidsgear Classifieds: This is the area to go to if you wish to buy, sell, or simply browse the kids’ gear on offer.

Kidsgear Forums: These are out message boards where you can discuss aspects of the website or simply talk about anything you like!


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